Four Tips To Use When Having Carpets Cleaned In A Home That You Have Been Renting Before Moving Out

Before moving out of a rental property, it is best to have the carpets thoroughly cleaned by professionals to ensure that they look their best when you leave. When hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, it is important to take the time to let them know a few details about the home so that they can properly prepare for the cleaning that needs to be done. Use the guide below as a checklist to make sure you tell the carpet cleaning company everything they need to know when you hire them to clean the carpets in a rental property for you.

Let the Company Know How Large the Home Is

The first thing you need to do is let the company know how large the home is. They need to know how many square feet they will be cleaning when they come to the home. This allows them to bring enough cleaning solution with them and possibly bring multiple carpet cleaners if the house is large in size.

Let the Company Know Specifics About What Needs to be Cleaned

When you are having a carpet cleaning company come to your home, like Ewaka Professional Cleaning Services,  you need to be sure to let them know if they are only cleaning carpets, or if you also have rugs that need to be cleaned. Oriental rugs need to be cleaned differently than carpeting and knowing that they will need to clean oriental rugs before they show up at your house will ensure that they are able to properly prepare.

Let the Company Know About Any Stains that Need to be Removed

If the carpets are badly stained, be sure to let the company know in advance. Let them know if there are pet accidents, wine spills, or paint stains in the carpets. Cleaning up urine from a carpet requires not only for the carpeting to be cleaned but also the padding under the carpet will need deep, extensive cleaning.

Give the Company Ample Time to Do the Cleaning

Be sure to book the carpet cleaning a few days before you are supposed to be completely out of the house. This will give the company plenty of time to do the job and bring extra equipment to the home if there is a stain that they are not able to get out. Rushing them at the last minute could leave the carpets not looks as great as they could.

Be sure to take pictures of the carpets after the cleaning company is done so that you can have proof as to what they looked like when you left the property. Do a walk through with the homeowner so that they can see how clean the home looks and better your chances of being able to get your security deposit back when you leave.