Tailor Your Carpet Cleaning Techniques To Your Carpet Type

Regular cleaning is essential if you want your carpet to stay in good shape. Not only will this keep the carpet from developing stains and a dingy look, it will also keep the fibers in good shape by preventing the friction that occurs between them when they are dirty. But while all carpets require regular cleaning, it's important to tailor your technique to the type of carpet you're dealing with. Certain techniques can do more harm than good when used on the wrong type of carpet!

How Employers Can Reduce The Impact Of Allergens On Employees

Allergies affect nearly one-third of American adults and are a common cause of workplace absenteeism. While employers can't do much about the home environments of employees, they can take action to eliminate or lessen allergens in the workplace. Below are several measures that employers can take to minimize the impact of allergens. Maintain Air Conditioning and Heating Systems One of the most important steps that employers can take to reduce allergens is maintaining air conditioning and heating systems.