Janitorial Services For Tech Centers

Does your business depend on clean, efficient technical spaces? Keeping data centers, technical workstations, and research centers clean is no small task, as challenges such as exposed cables, electrical systems, and sensitive information that can't be seen by untrusted eyes requires a lot of planning. Whether you're concerned about the skill of cleaning staff around sensitive equipment, or being sure that your trade secrets can be trusted, here are a few janitorial staffing plans that show how different a technology-savvy cleaning team can be.

IT Systems Versus Water

It's not rocket science: you can't use the same old cleaning techniques for warehouses and hotel rooms on a business full of cables and connections. Even if the cables are avoided, there's still the risk of leakage and corrosion.

Avoiding electrical connections is just the first part of the problem. Janitors need to be skilled enough to clean around systems without unplugging cables that can be yanked out with barely normal hand strength. 

The types of cleaning materials are also important. Some materials can be too sticky and lead to dust buildup, which can lead to insulation and heat buildup that ruins how computers can operate. Another issue is using sprays versus moistened cloths, as sprays can bring moisture into systems with a fan intake. This can lead to short circuiting, or at the very least a matted, chemically-bound dust clump that can become harder to clean out.

Sensitive Documents And Cleaning Staff

Even top secret spaces in the military use janitors when there's not enough personnel to clean large, permanent installations. For smaller work spaces, it makes more sense to give the in-place workers the responsibility of cleaning, but large, secret data-containing tech centers need permanent janitorial staff.

Vetting is available for janitors when it comes to working in secret spaces. This is helpful mostly for keeping track of janitors who need to be escorted around certain spaces, but it also helps if you need to train janitors to become more advanced cleaning and maintenance personnel.

Chemical spills and discoloration from test materials aren't usually part of the standard janitor's qualifications, but if you already have the staff on hand, why not get them qualified? With secure, background-checked personnel already at your disposal, you can simply send your janitor team to relevant courses with the agreement that they will provide services for a set amount of time.

Contact one of the janitorial services in your area to discuss janitors who can clean up carefully around electronics, as well as security clearance information for secure work space janitors.