Do You Offer Exterior Painting Services? Collaborate With Window Cleaners To Impress Customers

The cost of painting the outside of a house can range from $500 to over $4,000 depending on the how much work is done. If you offer painting services for a living, you may always be looking for ways to improve business. It is likely that you will run into tough competition with other painters looking for the same customers. An excellent way to combat this situation is to offer something that the other professionals do not. You can accomplish this by working with window cleaning professionals when you paint a property.

Provide Complimentary Window Cleaning

With many exterior painting jobs costing over a thousand dollars, you can afford to spend a small amount of money to provide a better experience to your customers in exchange for advocacy and repeat business. Window cleaning costs around $207 on average, so this is something that you can afford to pay on your own when you meet with a customer who is looking to paint the entire exterior of their home. You can just hire a cleaning company, like the one represented at, and schedule the service after you finish all the painting work.

Improve Curb Appeal in Several Ways

By painting the outside of a home, you will undoubtedly notice an improvement to the curb appeal. But, since this is not the only factor that plays a crucial role, it is possible for other qualities to hold the property back. Having clean windows is almost essential if you want to show off exceptional curb appeal, so this is one way that you will be able to provide even better results than if you were only painting the home.

Save Time and Effort of Customers

Once the painting job is complete, a customer may want to clean the windows on their own. But, this can take a considerable amount of time and effort, especially if there are second-story windows involved. It may not even be possible with their current equipment because they will need a tall ladder to scale. When you are able to bring up complimentary window cleaning while discussing your house painting services, they are more likely to be interested when it would be difficult for them to handle on their own.

Offering painting service with great customer service, competitive prices, and a wide service area are a few things that will help you stay successful with your business. But, putting effort in to offer something that other painting companies are not bringing to the table can help you stay ahead of the competition.