Have Wood Shutters? 3 Steps To Keeping Them Clean All Year Round

If you have hardwood shutters in your home, you are probably already familiar with how easily they can gather dust and get dirty. If you want to keep your hardwood shutters clean, you are going to want to follow the three steps below in order to keep your shutters clean all year round.

#1 Semi-Yearly

On a semi-yearly basis, you are going to want to polish your shutters. You will need to use the right type of wood polish for your blinds; for example, if you have bamboo blinds use a bamboo polish or if you have cedar blinds use a cedar wood polish.

Be sure to polish both sides of your blinds. You may want to polish one side on one day and the other side on a different day. Polishing your blinds at least twice a year will help prevent dust from gathering on your blinds. It will also help your blinds shine and look great. Additionally, a twice yearly polish will help your wood blinds stay properly sealed, which should extend their usable life.

You may want to hire a cleaning company, like A+ Cleaning Service, to do this deep cleaning for you as it can sometimes be time consuming and difficult.

#2 Once A Month

Once a month, you are going to want to do a deep clean on your wood blinds. Take out your vacuum cleaner and put on a brush attachment. Then you are going to lightly run the vacuum cleaner over the blinds twice, once when the blinds are pointing in an upward direction and once when the blinds are pointed in a downward direction.

After vacuuming the blinds, take a nice microfiber cloth that you have sprayed with dusting polish, and run it across the blinds. Once again, do this one time when the blinds are slanted upward and then again when they are pointed downward. If you don't have dusting polish, just get the cloth a little damp. This will help pick up and remove the dust.

The one thing you don't want to do is use soap and water. Although this is a cleaning staple in general, it could actually damage your wood blinds.

#3 Weekly Cleaning

On a weekly basis, you are going to want to do a light cleaning of your blinds. Take a duster and very lightly run them across your blinds when they are pointed upward and downward. You don't have to spend a lot of time doing this, just spend a minute or so on each set of blinds in your house and incorporate it in with your other weekly cleaning activities.

The more frequently you clean your blinds, the easier each of the above cleaning tasks will be and the more quickly they will go. By lightly cleaning once a week, deep cleaning once a month and polishing your blinds twice a year, you'll keep your blinds looking great all year long.