Are You Moving Your Elderly Parent Into Your Home? Check For These Signs That Your Air Ducts Are Due For A Cleaning

Today, many families are choosing to benefit from blending the generations of their family under one roof. Not only will this make it easier to look after your parent's health, but your whole family gets to enjoy more bonding time with their senior loved one. However, you know that a few changes will need to be made to accommodate your loved one's health conditions, and you want to make sure that there are as few allergens as possible floating through the air. Make sure to check for these signs that your air ducts are due for a cleaning so that you can have cleaner air flowing through the vents on the day that your parent moves in.

You See Dark Streaks Around the Vents

The air that blows out of the vents should be fairly clean provided that you change the air filter on your HVAC system regularly. Yet, dirt does build up in the system over time, and you will notice that the air is dirtier when it begins to leave dark streaks around the outside of your vents. Be especially concerned if this occurs on multiple vents around your house since this indicates that all of the ducts may be filled with dust.

You Find Mold Growth Inside

Fluctuating temperatures can cause condensation to build up in the air duct system. When moisture combines with the warm air from your heater, mold spores can begin to grow. Take the vents off of your ducts, and check just inside to see if there is any mold. This may look like a black or green coating on the metal. If so, arrange for air duct cleaning right away to stop this from potentially affecting your loved one's health.

You Find Evidence of a Pest Infestation

While you have the vent off, give the ducts another check for signs of pests. Rodents and cockroaches tend to use air ducts as a way to travel throughout a building, and they leave droppings and cast off hair and skin behind. These materials can also trigger allergies in sensitive individuals, but a complete duct cleaning will help to stop these materials from getting into your home.

Ideally, air ducts should be cleaned every few years, depending upon your household's needs. During your air duct cleaning service, ask how often yours should be cleaned so that you can prevent them from accumulating so much build up that could affect your loved one's health.

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