Just Bought An Old Fixer-Upper Home? Get Pressure Washing To See Where You Stand

Buying a turn-key home with all the features that you want in a property may not be in your budget for a long time. So, you decided on an alternative in buying a fixer-upper home. After going through the home inspection and determining that there are no hidden issues before, you can finalize the home purchase, move in, and begin looking at what you should work on.

A service worth getting in the beginning is pressure washing to see what is behind the grime.


The driveway may have looked old, worn down, and ready to be replaced when you moved in. But, pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method that can get rid of the most stubborn stains. What you once thought would be a major project may be fine for the foreseeable future. This service will also get rid of all weeds that might be between the cracks in the driveway.


A huge part of your home is the fencing. The fencing in the front yard may have been an instant turn-off to potential buyers, but you looked at it with a promising point of view. If you know that the fence is not several decades old and is still structurally sound, you should look forward to pressure washing because this will likely reveal a fence that is ready to look great again.

This service will also set you up for staining the fence if you want a different look. If you want to get rid of the current look altogether, you can paint it afterward in any color that you please.


The siding of the home is where mildew is most likely to grow. It is easy for dirt and mildew to make an old house look ancient and as if it needs to be repainted immediately. Pressure washing will remove the layers of dirt and grime to show you what you have to work with.

If you were to rent a machine to handle the work on your own, you might not be able to achieve the same results. This could give you the wrong idea about the property. But, commercial pressure washers are more powerful and are often needed to get rid of built-up dirt and grime.

By investing in pressure washing service right after moving in, you will learn a lot about your new home regarding its cleanliness and what actually needs to be repaired or replaced. For more information, contact companies like A Blast to the Past.