Do You Foster Cats? Get Carpet Cleaning When A Cat Gets Adopted

If you love cats, you may have adopted one or two in the last few years. But, you may live in a home where you are comfortable with having more cats roaming around. If you do not want to make any long-term commitments by adopting additional cats, but you want to help them, you may have started to foster cats. Keeping your home clean is essential for this responsibility.

Grooming your cats and vacuuming regularly will help you maintain clean carpeting, but you should also invest in professional service when one of your foster cats is adopted.

Eliminate Cat Hair Buildup

Unless you have a hairless cat, you will likely have hair buildup around your home. Since you are fostering cats, you may not be concerned about the hair type of cats that need your care. Cat hair is often wispy and will flow into every corner of the home, even behind furniture. When you take care of routine vacuuming, you may not think about moving all the heavy furniture around.

But, once a foster cat moves out, you will want to put in the time and effort to move the furniture so that carpet cleaners can reach the cat hair everywhere in the home. This will make a huge difference in air quality and cleanliness until you end up bringing another foster cat home.

Get Rid of Sneaky Stains

When you take care of foster cats, you likely have stain removal products. But, the problem is when these stains happen in areas where you do not see them until they have settled. This can happen when you have a foster cat that is hiding in corners while getting adjusted to the home. While you can hear a cat vomiting, you may not hear them if you happen to be sleeping.

Prepare for New Cats

When you bring a new foster cat into your home, it will take them a while to get used to all the scents, especially with your cats being permanent residents. Cleaning the carpets will remove the scent from the past foster cat and give the home a more neutral scent all around.

A cat moving from place to place may be under a lot of stress and you can make the transition more comfortable for every foster cat by taking steps to prepare for their arrival.

When you are ready to schedule carpet cleaning service, such as from Steam  Local Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, you can decide to do it after your foster cat finds a home or before a new foster cat moves into your house.