How To Treat A Carpet That's Off-Color

Bleach stains usually give homeowners a lot of stress since they can permanently damage the color of the carpet. However, it is possible to deal with bleach stains on carpet, meaning you do not have to throw away your carpet when it gets these stains. One way to deal with bleach stains is to hire professionals in carpet cleaning since they are experienced in dealing with such problems. However, you can still deal with the problem by yourself using the following three methods:

Removing Bleach Stains — Method 1

  • After noticing the bleach stains in your carpet, immediately scrub it using a paper towel and water. However, you should exercise extra caution when blotting the stain to avoid rubbing or scrubbing the bleach, because this can make the stain worse.

  • Mix a cup of water (warm) and ¼-teaspoon of dish soap.

  • Mix the solution thoroughly and then pour it on the affected area. Then, allow the solution to settle for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • After the solution dries, uses a sponge or cloth to rub it. Make sure that you rub from the outside towards inside to avoid spreading the stain.

  • Use cold water to rinse the area and then allow it to dry.

Removing Bleach Stains — Method 2

  • Mix 2-tablespoons of vinegar (white) with 4 cups of water (warm).

  • Then, pour the mixture over the affected area in the carpet.

  • Allow the mixture to saturate into the blemish for around 5 minutes. Then, use a sponge or cloth to rub the stain and the bleach stain will start to gradually disappear as you gently scrub it.

  • If you notice that the stain can still be seen, repeat the above process until it disappears.

  • Use cold water to rinse the affected area. Note that might take a while for the vinegar solution to fade away.

Removing Bleach Stains — Method 3

  • Scrub the affected area using paper towels and water once you realize that the carpet has a bleach stain.

  • Look for a crayon which has colors that are similar to your carpet's color.

  • Using the crayon, start coloring the carpet's fabric, and ensure that the fabric absorbs the color.

  • After coloring the carpet, using a wet towel to blend the crayon's to the carpet's fabric.

If you use any of the procedures we've mentioned above you will discover that you will be able to remove the bleach stains in your carpet. However, if you have a challenge in removing the bleach stains — consider hiring professional carpet cleaners like Go Green Carpet Cleaning.