How To Treat A Carpet That's Off-Color

Bleach stains usually give homeowners a lot of stress since they can permanently damage the color of the carpet. However, it is possible to deal with bleach stains on carpet, meaning you do not have to throw away your carpet when it gets these stains. One way to deal with bleach stains is to hire professionals in carpet cleaning since they are experienced in dealing with such problems. However, you can still deal with the problem by yourself using the following three methods:

Simple Solutions For Cleaning And Maintaining Faux Wood Porcelain Tile

Wood flooring is not suitable for areas that have higher levels of moisture, such as the bathroom. However, faux wood porcelain tile combines the look of wood with the durability of porcelain tile, reducing any worry you have of moisture damage in your bathroom. If you have recently installed faux wood tile in your bathroom, you may be confused by how to clean and maintain your new wood-like tile floors. With this guide, you will learn the best tips for cleaning your new faux wood porcelain tile floors.

A Few Of The Lesser-Known Signs Or Reasons Why Your Air Ducts May Need To Be Cleaned

If you notice that your home is getting dustier faster or you notice a large amount of dirt and dust around your air filters, your air ducts are likely in need of cleaning. These are two of the most common signs that are present when air duct cleaning is needed. But they are not the only signs or reasons why your ducts need this service. Here are a few of the lesser known signs that your air ducts may need to be cleaned.

4 Ways A Power Washing Service Can Help Your Business Look Great This Summer

If you own a physical business location, and you want to make sure that you keep the outside looking clean and nice this summer, you may want to enlist the help of a commercial power washing service to help you out. A commercial power washing service can help clean up your parking lot, wash down your sidewalks, clean your windows, and even the outside of your business. #1 Clean Up Your Parking Lot

Deep Cleaning Before Moving? 3 Tips For Getting The Tile Cleaned

When you're moving out of your home or apartment, it's likely that you're doing a lot of deep cleaning so that it can show well and so that you can get your security deposit back if renting. When you have a lot of tile in your home, you need to get familiar with what you do to make sure that the tile is cleaned as deeply as possible. If you haven't had the tile cleaned in a long time, you may want to rely on a professional.